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1. a very brief period of time.

2. importance.

(SOURCE- google....or oxford languages)


This important and brief period of time just needs to be captured sometimes. These aren't scripted or staged. They happen naturally, comfortably. These Moments are what I would like to give you to remember! And printed...But, that's a whole other definition...

How about we just go out there and create a great moment!? Wearing the clothes that you feel good in! A location that doesn't really matter but helps bring out a good time? We can run out into the mountains, sure. Or, how about we just cook? Anything goes!

Let us capture some moments. 

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Let's Talk about the in-between. I'll Shoot just about whatever. But, all prices are fixed. If you feel that you need something more specific or a shoot that doesn't fit this criteria let's get you a quote!

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