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I'm a Photographer and Videographer based outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. I love to capture the great moments in life. Anything and everything from cooking photography to weddings. I love to share these experiences with you and the rest of the world!

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My Story

My dream career started with a Christmas gift. One year I got a Nikon d3400 during the holidays. About a month later there was this crazy Eclipse that was about to be visible in the Northern Colorado Foothills. I charged up my one battery, ran out into the 20 degree weather with a Walmart tripod and sat there looking at the moon. I took about 900 photos of the eclipse through all its phases. About 7 hours later I got back into my cozy warm apartment and started editing. 

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I fell in love. Right there. In that 7 hour span.

Ever since I have been chasing a dream in hopes that it would turn into a career. Running into the mountains on a whim, heading out to the Grand Canyon to get the perfect sunrise photograph, traveling to Oahu, Hawaii where my wife grew up, jumping out of planes, meeting fun people, starting wedding photography, creating cooking videos for TikTok & Instagram Reels, capturing my 7 foot cousin in the middle of a dunk and so much more. These places and People have created the greatest journey of a lifetime...Three years later I'm here in outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio. Still chasing but now working my dream job. 


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